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Now, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, you have more power than ever in your hands with solutions that enable the incorporation of components for the transformation of artificial intelligence applied in business.


We believe that every business challenge is an opportunity for growth. Our team of experts is ready to listen to your needs, design customized solutions and provide you with the necessary support to help your company reach its full potential.

No matter how big or small your challenge is, we are here to help you overcome it. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to start transforming your challenges into opportunities for success.

KCP Dynamics, Microsoft Solutions Partner en LATAM

We are proud to be your Microsoft Partner in LATAM. With more than two decades of experience, we have led the successful implementation of business solutions based on Microsoft technology throughout the region.

Our commitment to excellence has led us to obtain the prestigious Microsoft Solutions Partner certification, supporting our ability to provide you with cutting-edge solutions and high-quality consulting services. We help you drive your company’s digital transformation, optimize your business processes and make the most of Microsoft’s innovative tools and platforms.

With a team of highly qualified experts and a customer-centric approach, KCP Dynamics is your ideal partner for success in the digital age.

Microsoft Partner in Colombia, Microsoft Partner in Dominican Rep. and Microsoft Partner in Chile

KCP Dynamics has firmly established itself as a Microsoft Partner of reference in Latin America, with outstanding presence in Colombia, Dominican Republic and Chile.

As a Microsoft Partner in Colombia, KCP Dynamics has earned a reputation as a trusted and expert Microsoft partner, providing world-class advice, implementation and support that help local businesses achieve their strategic objectives with innovative technology solutions.

As a Microsoft Partner in the Dominican Republic, KCP Dynamics has contributed significantly to the growth and modernization of IT infrastructures in the country, implementing solutions that foster collaboration, business intelligence and process automation.

As a Microsoft Partner in Chile, the KCP Dynamics team works closely with its customers to develop and deploy solutions that seamlessly integrate Dynamics 365 capabilities, allowing them to stay ahead in a competitive and constantly changing market.

With KCP Dynamics’ comprehensive support and close collaboration with Microsoft, companies in these regions can expect to lead innovation in their respective fields, backed by the technology and expertise of a top-tier Microsoft Partner.

A solution for every professional

Whether as a CEO, technology manager or in another crucial role, we know that your needs are very unique. That’s why we offer solutions that are specifically tailored to your profile and goals.Our solutions are based on the versatile Microsoft Dynamics modules. No matter what industry you operate in, we work with you to provide the right technology and tools that will make the difference in your success.Want to know how our solutions can boost your efficiency, productivity and professional achievements?

Solutions for demanding CEO’s

For demanding CEOs, excellence in decision making and driving innovation are imperative. Discover how Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform solutions can meet the highest demands of business leaders.

Accurate and instant information for Financial Managers

Dynamics 365, Azure and Power Platform provide the CFO with a complete suite of tools for more informed decision making, greater efficiency in financial management and stronger control over the company's resources.

Innovation and Security for Technology Managers

KCP Dynamics offers IT managers a comprehensive platform that optimizes technology resource management, ensures security and compliance, and provides real-time visibility into the technology infrastructure.

Availability and cost-effectiveness for the SME General Manager

Dynamics 365, Azure and Power Platform provide the SMB manager with a comprehensive solution for increased operational efficiency, greater flexibility and the ability to compete effectively.

Efficiency and simplicity for the accountant

Dynamics 365 provides accountants with a comprehensive tool that simplifies financial management, automates accounting processes and facilitates data-driven decision making. This leads to more efficient accounting and accurate financial reporting.

Compliance and ease for the multinational in LATAM

Dynamics 365 offers multinationals setting up in LATAM a comprehensive platform to adapt to local regulations, optimize their operations and take advantage of technological innovation in the region for sustainable and profitable growth.

Solutions for Microsoft partners with LATAM deployments

Solutions for Microsoft partners with LATAM deployments

This facilitates expansion in the region, ensures regulatory compliance and provides a competitive advantage by tailoring solutions to the local needs of its customers.

Our solutions by industry

We understand that every industry has its unique challenges and needs. That’s why we offer solutions tailored to your industry. Whether you’re in retail, manufacturing, distribution or other fields, we have a deep understanding of what you need.

We collaborate with you to ensure that our solutions integrate seamlessly into your operations and help you overcome your business challenges efficiently;

Want to learn how our solutions can drive your business forward?

Solutions for retail

From inventory management to customer satisfaction, our retail solutions give you the flexibility and control you need to optimize your operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Solutions for manufacturing

From supply chain optimization to efficient production and maintenance management, our solutions are designed to increase efficiency and quality at every step of the vehicle manufacturing process.

Solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

KCP Dynamics offers you a complete set of tools to address the unique challenges of this industry, from supply chain management to regulatory compliance.

Solutions for the financial sector

Our financial services solutions leverage more than 20 years of experience to drive efficiency and growth, offering effective financial management and advanced tools to make informed decisions.

Solutions for distribution

Power your distribution business with our cutting-edge solutions. We offer Microsoft Dynamics-based tools designed to optimize your operations and increase efficiency at every stage of the supply chain.

Solutions for logistics operators

A solution for logistics operators that has all the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and, at the same time, with the benefits of being able to adapt to the peculiarities of each customer. A software that integrates Finance, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, CRM, Business Intelligence and full integration with Microsoft (Office) 365. And with our support services in the definition, configuration and development of customizations.

Expertos en Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Central y Power Platform

We are experts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, Business Central and Power Platform. Our deep knowledge and experience in these solutions allows us to offer companies the tools they need to drive growth, improve operational efficiency and achieve their goals;

Whether you’re looking for a customized implementation, strategic advice or ongoing support, we’re here to help you get the most out of these powerful Microsoft platforms. Find out how we can take your business to the next level.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

KCP Dynamics offers exceptional solutions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations. Our focus is on driving your company’s financial and operational efficiency by providing cutting-edge tools and services that will help you make more informed and strategic decisions.

Whether you’re looking to improve financial management, optimize your supply chain or boost efficiency throughout your operations, our customized solutions will give you the control and visibility you need to achieve your business goals.

Discover how we can be your partner on the road to more effective and successful financial and operational management.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

We offer cutting-edge solutions in Microsoft Business Central to help small and midsize companies thrive in their business environment. Our suite of services and customized tools is designed to optimize your business operations, from financial management to supply chain and more.

Our approach is based on giving you the ability to make informed, strategic decisions, driving efficiency and improving visibility into all areas of your business. With KCP Dynamics and Microsoft Business Central, you can be confident that you’re on the right path to business success. Find out how we can help you achieve your goals and maximize your potential.

Microsoft Azure

KCP Dynamics is your trusted partner to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Azure. Our services are designed to help organizations migrate to the cloud, optimize their operations and take full advantage of Azure’s capabilities.

KCP Dynamics offers you the expertise and solutions to improve the agility of your infrastructure, drive innovation with cloud-based applications or strengthen your cyber security. Let’s work together to take your business to the next level of efficiency and competitiveness in the digital age.

Microsoft 365

KCP Dynamics is your trusted partner to get the most out of Microsoft 365, the leading productivity suite on the market. Our services are designed to help you drive collaboration, efficiency and security in your organization.

We offer solutions ranging from implementation and migration to optimization of your applications and services Microsoft 365 in the cloud. Whether you need to improve team communication, strengthen cybersecurity or enable remote work, at KCP Dynamics we have the expertise and commitment to drive your success in the Microsoft cloud. Together, let’s transform the way your business works and engages with your customers.

Productos KCP Dynamics

We understand the importance of adaptation and compliance with local regulations in Latin America. That is why we offer a set of specialized solutions to ensure that your company complies with the specific requirements of each region.

Our suite of applications includes the ‘Business Central Localization for Colombia’, which simplifies financial and operational management for companies in Colombia, and the ‘Finance and Operations Localization for Dominican Republic’, designed to ensure regulatory compliance in the Dominican Republic.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive ‘Payroll for Colombia’ solution, which allows you to effectively manage the payroll of your employees in Colombia, ensuring accuracy and compliance in this critical aspect of business management.

With these applications, we ensure that your company can operate efficiently and comply with all local regulations in these specific regions of Latin America.

BC QuickStart

KCP Dynamics BC Quick Start is the perfect solution for small businesses looking for a fast and efficient implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.

Payroll for Colombia

Effectively manage your employee payroll in Colombia, ensuring accuracy and compliance in this critical aspect of business management.

Case studies

Discover how KCP Dynamics has transformed businesses around the world through a strong partnership with Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform. Our success stories illustrate how we help organizations in diverse industries improve operations, increase efficiency and achieve sustainable growth. Through tailored solutions and a deep understanding of Microsoft technology, we have driven business excellence in companies of all sizes;

Inspiring stories that demonstrate how KCP Dynamics can take your business to new heights.


Management's knowledge of the business and KCP dynamics' knowledge of Microsoft technology described a set of tools that brought about a radical change in the effectiveness and efficiency of business management.


The success of the implementation has earned Microsoft and Dynamics NAV the confidence of the customer, with whom KCP Dynamics has drawn up a roadmap for the incorporation of new functionalities.

Alpha inversiones

By leveraging Dynamics 365, the company has gained a 360° view of its business, improving its sales operations and customer relations.

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Financial reporting is not simply an accounting requirement; it is a vital tool for strategic planning, performance management and predictive analysis.

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