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Compliance and ease for the multinational in LATAM

Dynamics 365 offers multinationals setting up in LATAM a comprehensive platform to adapt to local regulations, optimize their operations and take advantage of technological innovation in the region for sustainable and profitable growth.

For a European or North American multinational looking to expand into LATAM and already operating in the Microsoft Dynamics environment, it is crucial to find a partner that not only understands the complexities of local implementation in each country, but is also equipped to handle the consolidation of financial reports and accounts according to the standards and formats preferred by the company’s headquarters.

Some of the challenges faced in a new country implementation are:

1. Selecting the right partner.

    • Experience in LATAM: Look for a partner with proven experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics in various LATAM countries. This includes knowledge of local regulations, tax requirements and cultural adaptations.
    • Integration capabilities: Partner must be able to integrate local operations with HQ systems, ensuring a smooth transition and consistency in business processes.

    2. Local implementation and customization.

      • Adaptation to Local Regulations: Each implementation in LATAM must comply with the specific fiscal and commercial regulations of each country.
      • System Customization: Adapt the Dynamics 365 system to local needs without compromising cohesion with the global structure of the company.

      3. Financial reporting and consolidation.

        • Customized reporting: Develop financial reports that comply with the standards and formats used by the company’s headquarters.
        • Account consolidation: Implement solutions that enable efficient consolidation of local accounts in LATAM with the head office, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

        4. Ongoing support and training.

          • Ongoing support: Provide ongoing support to ensure optimal operation of systems and prompt resolution of any issues.
          • Training and upgrades: Provide regular training to local and head office staff on new features and system upgrades.

          5. Coordination and communication.

          • Project management: Have a robust project management approach to coordinate activities between different countries and HQ.
          • Effective communication: Establish clear and efficient communication channels to ensure that all stakeholders are aligned and well informed.



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Why is KCP Dynamics the ideal choice for this challenge?

1. Specific Microsoft Dynamics localizations.

  • Local experience with global vision: KCP Dynamics has successfully performed numerous Microsoft Dynamics localizations in almost all of LATAM, including Colombia, Dominican Republic, Chile, United States, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama and Mexico. This extensive presence ensures in-depth knowledge of local regulations and business practices.
  • High Quality Specific Products: We excel in developing proprietary products such as Payroll for Colombia, a system tailored to the specific needs of this market and fully integrable with Dynamics 365.

2. Experience with Multinationals.

    • Successful implementations for large corporations: Our track record includes multiple successful Dynamics 365 implementation projects for foreign multinationals. We understand the unique needs of a global organization and how to align them with local requirements.
  • Solutions tailored to your needs: We tailor our solutions to meet both local operational needs and the standards and formats required by your headquarters.

3. Comprehensive service and ongoing support.

    • Dedicated support: We offer ongoing service and technical support, ensuring that any problems or needs are handled efficiently and without delay.
      • Constant training and updates: We ensure that your teams, both in LATAM and at your headquarters, are always up-to-date and well trained in the use of Dynamics 365.

      4. Project management and communication:

        • Effective coordination: We efficiently manage coordination between the various locations and headquarters, ensuring that all projects are executed in a synchronized and harmonious manner.
        • Fluid and transparent communication: We maintain constant and open communication with all parties involved, ensuring that both local and global expectations are adequately met.

        5. Financial consolidation and reporting:

          • Customized financial reporting: We understand the importance of having consistent financial reporting aligned with company standards. Therefore, we work to ensure that locally generated financial reports can be consolidated and presented at headquarters according to your formats and preferences.
          • Effective integration and consolidation: Our solutions enable effective integration and consolidation of local accounts at headquarters, facilitating a clear and consistent view of financial performance across all markets.

          6. Commitment to excellence and innovation:

            • Focus on innovation: We are constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate our solutions, so that your company stays at the forefront of business and technology management.
            • Commitment to quality: Our team is committed to delivering not just a solution, but a long-term partnership based on quality, reliability and trust.

            7. Global presence and local knowledge:

              • Wide coverage in LATAM and beyond: Our presence in several LATAM countries ensures that we have the global reach and local knowledge to handle complex multinational projects.

              We are ready to take on the challenge of being your trusted partner in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics in LATAM,aligned with the global needs of your multinational. Do not hesitate to contact us to start this journey towards digital transformation and operational excellence.


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