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Payroll Software Colombia

KCP Business Central's payroll software for Colombia is designed to minimize the workload of your Human Resources departments.

We believe that every business challenge is an opportunity for growth. Our team of experts is ready to listen to your needs, design customized solutions and provide you with the support you need to help your business reach its full potential.

No matter how big or small your challenge, we are here to help you overcome it. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to start transforming your challenges into opportunities for success.

A payroll software that meets the requirements of DIAN in Colombia for the electronic payroll

The KCP Business Central payroll software complies with the requirements of the electronic payroll of Colombia set forth in the Project Resolution 013 of February 11, 2021. The KCP solution allows to generate a standard file.

Subsequently and depending on the operator chosen by the client, the necessary customizations will be made in order to transmit and validate their payrolls in electronic format with the new DIAN system.

1.- The payroll software collects the information from your database, to which it applies the electronic signature issued by a digital certification entity accredited by the ONAC.

2.- In the next ten days of the month, the payment made the previous month is declared and, once validated, it is integrated into the ERP. At this point, the payroll can be delivered to the mailboxes of each of your employees.

3.- The payment support documents are stored with the required guarantees and remain accessible to third parties in case they are required as legal evidence.


Advantages of Business Central payroll in Colombia

✔ The payroll software is based on Microsoft Business Central, one of the most recognized world-class ERPs

✔ KCP Business Central payroll software is multi-user without losing the security of your information.

✔ Integration among all processes, enabling higher performance and simplifying the management and integrity of your information.

✔ Access to all your historicalsquickly and dynamically.

✔ Increased efficiency of your payroll settlement process, avoiding errors and decreasing execution times.

✔ Management and control of loans and garnishments: Microsoft Business Central allows you to enter an initial balance, amortize it over a number of periods and control the total payment of this balance without calculating interest.

KCP Business Central Payroll Software Features

Payroll management is a critical component for any company, and in the Colombian context, it presents a unique set of challenges. That’s why KCP payroll software stands out as a comprehensive solution that simplifies and streamlines this crucial process.

Discover how this powerful tool can transform your payroll management, from severance calculation to user administration. Get ready to optimize your processes and maintain compliance in an ever-changing business world.

  • The KCP payroll software is Multicompany.
  • It incorporates the entry of employees and news manually and by mass upload.
  • It allows the calculation on different types of contracts: normal salary, integral salary, apprentices, expatriates, retirees.
  • It does not include management of part-time employees, however, the process can be performed manually
  • The payroll software allows the generation of payroll flyers and mass mailing via e-mail.
  • Settlement of legal social benefits: below is the calculation performed by Business Central for both fixed and variable employees.
    • Calculation of the bonus using the formula (average nominal salary + average variable) x number of days / 360.
    • Calculation of severance pay using the formula (average nominal salary (if there was variation in the last 3 months, otherwise take the last salary) + average variable) x number of days (-LNR) / 360.
    • Calculation of severance pay interest using the formula (Severance pay x number of days) / 360 x 12%. In the severance interest, LNR days are not deducted since these were deducted from the severance payments.
    • The Business Central payroll contemplates reinstatements.
    • Calculation of the transportation subsidy using the two minimum wages with the salary income for the month.
    • Calculation of vacation using the formula (last salary earned + Average variable last 12 months or provided) / 30 x number of vacation days.
  • Calculation of the average variable in general in all scenarios using the formula (Total value salary sum / number of days worked x 30)
    • Management of standard loans, by amortization.
    • Calculation of additional and extemporaneous payrolls.
    • Calculation of retroactivity.
    • Calculation of overtime, entering in Business Central the units that are previously determined by the user.
    • Flexibility in the accounting parameterization.
    • Calculation of consolidated and provisions.
    • User administration.
    • Segmentation by profiles or roles per user.
    • The following flat payroll dispersion files are available for the banks Bancolombia PAB, Bancolombia SAP, Bogotá, Davivienda, Av Villas, BBVA, City Bank.

Absence Control

  • Payroll software allows the administration of incapacities and control of authorizations and diagnoses.
  • Management and control of vacations with configurable separation of working and non-working days.
  • Administration of unpaid leaves, paid leaves and suspensions.
  • Vacation voucher.
  • Business Central has the following handling for absence on March 31.
    • Absence on March 30 and 31: Business Central calculates 28 days of salary + 2 days of absences (the absence history takes 2 days and thus affects the vacation balance)
    • Adjustment to the minimum in incapacities: For concept of disabilities payments should never be less than a minimum wage, therefore, Business Central always adjusts the value to guarantee it. This is calculated through a concept called “Adjustment to the minimum”.
  • The rounding in everything related to social security is exact, without deferences in the PILA file. At the accounting level, the values are sent to the company’s expense.
  • Generation of PILA file type spreadsheets (E, K)

Legal processes of KCP payroll software for Colombia

  • Management of the different labor regimes (law 50, retirees, law 789)
  • Projected withholding at source process for employees who are method 1. That is, it calculates a fixed % with the projected values to then apply said % to the actual income of the month.
  • Withholding at source recalculation process.
  • Administration of withholding at source deductibles per employee and per company.
  • Includes control and management of embargoes.
  • Legal application of Law 1393, Resolution 610, DIAN 72390.
  • Integrated social security payroll. Reform 1819 of 2016, article 114-1 Exemption from parafiscal contributions according to workers earning, individually, less than 10 current minimum legal salaries.

Payroll reports included

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  • Income and withholding certificate (PDF, Excel)
  • Payroll flyer (PDF)
  • Year-end severance payments to funds (Excel)
  • Payroll magnetic media formats (2276, 2278, 2280, 1001)
  • Vacation tax book (PDF)
  • Format final settlement of contract (PDF)
  • Format vacation enjoyed (PDF)
  • Format partial severance payments (PDF)
  • Pending vacation (PDF, Excel)
  • Voluntary and contingent contributions (PDF, Excel)
  • Withholding audit (Excel)
  • Payroll movements (Excel)

With payroll accounting support in Microsoft Business Central adapted for Colombia.

The localization of Microsoft Business Central for Colombia of KCP Dynamics is the only one made in Colombia by Colombians with more than 18 years of experience in tax implementations in our country, which ensures a deep knowledge of the country’s legal regulations.

KCP has developed the only localization of Microsoft Business Central for Colombia developed by consultants with extensive experience working in the area. This ensures full coverage of the needs to adapt to the legality of Colombia and the update is always available before the entry date


An opportunity for multinationals wishing to establish themselves in Colombia or to adapt their management to Colombian legal and labor regulations.

KCP Dynamics has a long history of more than 18 years performing successful installations of Microsoft management products (Financials, Microsoft NAV, Microsoft Business Central) for multinationals wishing to set up in Latin America, with special incidence when their headquarters already use Business Central or other Microsoft business management products.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a Microsoft partner in Europe, USA or another American country, and you want to install Business Central in a client located in Colombia, we offer you our adaptation of Microsoft Business Central to the Colombian legislation. Please contact us through the form located on this page.

  • Emission of payroll support documents and adjustment notes according to DIAN regulations.
  • Automatic posting in Microsoft Business Central ERP.
  • Connectivity with your EDI provider.
  • Local support.
  • Permanent updating.

Microsoft Business Central is Microsoft’s business management application aimed at small and medium-sized companies. Because of its wide coverage of the country’s legal regulations, functionality and ease of use, stability and robustness is the chosen by many of the country’s companies.

Of course. We have collaborated in numerous installations with national and foreign partners in Business Central implementations in Colombia.