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Technology for business management

Cerarte, a success story in the implementation of Microsoft Finance and Operations

Cerarte is the most dynamic construction finishing group in the Dominican Republic. Its vocation is to be the most advanced construction finishing solutions center in the Caribbean. Cerarte is convinced that, through research and the adoption of new technology, it contributes to raising the quality of Dominican construction, the development of its professionals and the quality of life of its citizens.

With eight warehouses in Santo Domingo, Santiago and Punta Cana, 250 workers and a catalog of more than 14,000 items imported from Italy, Spain, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, South America and China, warehouse and delivery information from its suppliers has become one of the critical points in its management.

Digital transformation in the Cerarte Group

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX

Once the first phase of the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX was completed, Cerarte identified the need to accelerate the process of digital transformation of the company, adding new areas and joining the cloud. KCP dynamics was chosen as a partner with whom to address the challenge and provide long-term support. The management’s knowledge of the business and KCP dynamics’ knowledge of Microsoft technology described a set of tools that brought about a radical change in the effectiveness and efficiency of business management.

Migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

As a cloud solution, the migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations represented a significant increase in the availability and security of the business management system, something that previously represented a very high economic and human resource cost. It reduced the total cost of ownership and increased the ability to be accessed from multiple locations easily and securely.

KCP’s expertise in advanced digital environments enabled the group to quickly, efficiently and successfully migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. According to Fastrack

KCP is the only partner in LATAM to have performed a migration from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

The experience was so positive that the implementation of new tools, such as Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Teams and the development of field applications using Microsoft Power Platform was initiated.

Dashboards based on Microsoft Power BI

Grupo Cerarte has determined seven areas of business management in which dashboards based on Microsoft Power BI have been implemented as the backbone of analysis. This real-time analytics of their operations, which integrates different data sources, allow them to release knowledge and take actions quickly and accurately, make predictions of trends and behaviors to react timely and strategically. The Cerarte Group’s business transformation project has not only modernized application platforms but also collaboration tools and analytics.

Project Benefits

The adoption and implementation of the different Microsoft solutions following a roadmap, has enabled the company’s readiness for digital transformation and subsequent increased pace of implementation. These solutions have empowered them to increase operational effectiveness and efficiency to drive sustainable business results. Exploiting the potential of their data has transformed the entire financial and operational function from transactional to strategic and proactive.

Quantitative Benefits

  • Improved customer experience in payment transactions by reducing errors to 7%.
  • Reduction by 80% of negotiation time with suppliers at trade fairs.
  • Savings of 1,248 hours per year in preparation of weekly reports in the sales area.
  • Reduction of 75% of the time spent in the preparation of offer inserts.
  • Reduction of 88% of the time spent in the processes associated with the import and change of prices associated with purchase and import costs.
  • Elimination of 90% of the administrative errors in order dispatch, which caused delays in delivery to customers.
  • Decrease in lost sales due to lack of stock from 30% to 5% of the orders.
  • Decrease in lost sales due to lack of stock from 30% to 5% of the orders.
  • Decrease in lost sales due to lack of stock.

Qualitative benefits

  • Improved work quality in management areas, middle management and first-line workers.
  • Elimination of hours spent by middle management extending the working day, dedicated to reporting.
  • Reduction of stress in the sales team by having more and better information available to them.
  • Reduction of stress in the sales team by having more and better information.
  • Decrease in customer complaints related to delivery times in pre-sales and project execution.
  • Creation of a digital catalog open to the public, generated through the integration of Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Power BI, which has enabled them during this crisis by COVID-19 to facilitate access to their entire product catalog and direct contact between customers and sales executives, creating an interactive experience.